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"This speaker was amazing! He has inspired me to do things differently."
LiFT Consulting Group
"This speaker was amazing! He has inspired me to do things differently."
"I really enjoy how he taught the class. It was easy to understand which made it fun to learn."
LiFT Consulting Group
"I really enjoy how he taught the class. It was easy to understand which made it fun to learn."
"He was incredible!"
LiFT Consulting Group
"He was incredible!"
"He blew me away! I am so inspired by what he taught."
LiFT Consulting Group
"He blew me away! I am so inspired by what he taught."
"This is the catalyst for changing the culture of our school."
LiFT Consulting Group
"This is the catalyst for changing the culture of our school."
"Wow. That was incredible."
LiFT Consulting Group
"Wow. That was incredible."
LiFT Consulting Group

LiFT provides your youth the premier empowerment training experience. From large assemblies to small workshops, our consultants will teach and inspire the youth in your school or community organization with the knowledge and motivation to create a more positive, productive, and prosperous personal culture – producing for themselves and their peers lasting transformative results.

Culture Principles: Student Applied


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Culture Principle 1: Raise Expectations

Expect much to achieve much

The research is clear, as soon as youth expect great things of themselves, great things will likely occur. This self-fulfilling prophecy, when we shoot for the stars and at least make the moon, is especially true for adolescents. Hope and belief stretch and inspire them to behave their best and push their achievements ever higher. Additional concepts include:

  • The Pygmalion Effect: Rosenthal and Jacobson
  • Growth Mindset: Dr. Carol Dweck
  • Rooting Out Perfectionism
  • Behavioral and Performance Expectations
  • Personal Vision and Goal Setting

Training Packages


Single Session

Light the spark to empower the culture in your school or community youth organization with LiFT’s Ruby Package. Our consultants will provide an inspiring and meaningful one hour message, focusing on a single Culture Principle or summarizing all four.

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Culture Series

A single session not enough? We agree! Invest in your youth’s culture by investing in LiFT’s Culture Series, an in-depth analysis of all four principles offered in either a single, half day experience.

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“LiFT U” Leadership Retreat


Additional Products can be purchased
with the Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond package:

Leadership Workshop

Start at the top! This special one-hour workshop empowers student leaders to empower their peers through ongoing implementation of the Culture Principles on a larger scale to make a lasting impact.

Culture Cards

It takes 21 days to form a habit, right? Use LiFT’s Youth-Specific Culture Cards to encourage long-term, habit-building application of the principles. Each card in the set focuses individuals on a single, specific action tied to one of the four Culture Principles, encouraging its application for 21 days, thus creating a habit and transforming personal culture.

Recent Event Testimonials

  • Best training of the day! We need LiFT to train at our school!

    UEA Conference Workshop; Sandy, Utah

  • Hands down, best keynote ever! – Rating: 9.9/10

    Early Childhood Collaboration Conference Keynote and Workshops; St. George, Utah

  • I could listen to you all day!

    Dixie High School Summary Session; St. George, Utah

  • His enthusiasm was inspiring and the content so needed and applicable.

    Preston School District Culture Series; Preston, Idaho

  • What an engaging speaker! The time flew by!

    Salt Lake Arts Academy Summary Session; SLC, Utah

  • Very motivating! I never lost interest. – Rating: 9.9/10

    Ensign Learning Center Summary Session; SLC, Utah

  • Now I think I can teach for another ten years! – Rating: 9.6/10

    Utah FACS Summer Conference Workshops; Saratoga Springs, Utah

  • I came out feeling like I can now do amazing in my class. – Rating: 9.8/10

    Busy Bees Playhouse Summary Session; Roy, Utah

  • You are freaking impressive!

    ACT Conference Workshops; SLC, Utah

  • Best session all day! Should have been our keynote! – Rating: 10/10

    UMLA Conference Workshops; Saratoga Springs, Utah

  • Perfect fit for early childhood educators.

    UAEYC Conference Workshop; Ogden, Utah

  • I feel like what was formerly Mt. Everest is really just a hill to overcome. Thank you!

    USU Student Teacher Workshop; Logan, Utah

  • Your varied experience as an educator and admin allow us to feel that you truly know and have empathy in our situation.

    Beehive Academy Summary Session; Sandy, Utah

  • His passion is infectious and his plan simple to understand and apply. – Rating: 9.8/10

    Ascent Academy Summary Session; West Jordan, Utah

  • The most engaging and relevant training I’ve been to. Nathan actually models the strategies he teaches, which is so refreshing (and rare). He is dynamic and kind, and his ideas are easy and practical to implement.

    Mountainville Academy Summary Session; Alpine, Utah

  • It was an engaging presentation and a good reminder of best teaching practices. I look forward to reading the book.

    Monticello Academy Summary Session; West Valley City, Utah

  • Nathan is amazing! Love his enthusiasm. I wish the education society would look at Nathan and look at his philosophy and change their ways!

    UAPCS Conference Workshops; Layton, Utah

  • Perfect training for leaders. My only regret is not having my entire staff with me!

    UAPCS Leadership Workshops; Logan, Lehi, St. George, Utah