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"He lives what he preaches. All parents need to hear him!"
LiFT Consulting Group
"He lives what he preaches. All parents need to hear him!"
"How amazing! Love the enthusiasm! I wish society would look at their philosophy and change their ways!"
LiFT Consulting Group
"How amazing! Love the enthusiasm! I wish society would look at their philosophy and change their ways!"
"An eye opener that changed my whole paradigm."
LiFT Consulting Group
"An eye opener that changed my whole paradigm."
"I believe it is very important to create a positive environment. The training was inspiring and provided the tools to do this."
LiFT Consulting Group
"I believe it is very important to create a positive environment. The training was inspiring and provided the tools to do this."
"I loved it! Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what he’d say next!"
LiFT Consulting Group
"I loved it! Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what he’d say next!"
"He blew me away! I am so inspired by what he taught."
LiFT Consulting Group
"He blew me away! I am so inspired by what he taught."
LiFT Consulting Group

LiFT provides your families the premier training experience. With specialized workshops for both parents and youth, our consultants will empower families at your event with the knowledge and motivation to create a more inclusive, productive, and positive family culture – producing for each lasting transformative results.

Culture Principles: Family Applied


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from Within

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the Positive

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Culture Principle 1: Raise Expectations

Expect much to achieve much

The research is clear, if parents hold children to high expectations, children will likely raise their own. They can do it, and when parents truly believe they can, challenging and treating their children as they have the potential to become, a parent’s expectation of a child will quickly become his own expectation of himself. Additional concepts include:

  • The Pygmalion Effect: Rosenthal and Jacobson
  • Growth Mindset: Dr. Carol Dweck
  • Academic and Behavioral Expectations
  • Vision, Goals, Standards, and Procedures
  • Direct application of LiFT’s Culture Grid (See Strengthen Relationships)

Culture Classes


Creating a Family Culture of Success

Individual success is predicated on choice. As much as they may try, parents cannot force a happy home with bribes, coercion, or wishful pleading. Yet, they can create an environment that inspires success, a culture that fosters love, growth, and unity. How? Together we’ll explore a summary of the four universal principles of creating a culture of success, empowering parents in turn to empower their children.

The Culture Grid

LiFTing Individuals to Greener Pastures

Truth be told, mediocre family life is largely a product of mediocre culture. But you’re not a parent to be mediocre. You parent to inspire. You parent to empower. You parent to LiFT your children with you up the path of success. So, let’s explore together two vital culture principles, Raise Expectations and Strengthen Relationships, and their synergistic effect when properly and consistently applied in your home. You will leave armed with conceptual and practical skills that will produce an immediate impact.

Good for Nothing

The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

As the old proverb goes, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” In this class we’ll learn together the power of ditching those extrinsic stinky fish and replacing them with fishing poles instead, with research-based, proven methods of intrinsic motivation that will transform your family’s culture, empowering all with an inner drive to succeed, and to be, well… “Good for Nothing!”

A Pound of Prevention

Behavior Management without Managing Behavior

Poor behavior crippling your home environment? Punishments for your toddler or teenager not working? Tired of the tension and drama? The truth is, reaction to such behaviors gets you and your family nowhere. Prevention, however, is where the party’s at. Dive deeper into LiFT’s three-pronged model of Reinforcing the Positive, learning and implementing proven methods to curb bad behavior and increase the good like never before.

Training Packages


Single Summary Session

Invite a LiFT Consultant to speak at your next event, addressing any of the four classes you choose, and watch the magic happen. Quotes such as, “He blew me away” and “Hands down, best keynote ever!” are the norm, as evidenced by the 9.5/10 average participant feedback. LiFT Consultants will make that impression and ensure everyone leaves your conference empowered.

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Culture Series

After a rousing keynote, your conference participants will be hungry for more. Choose any or all of LiFT’s remaining classes to be delivered as breakout workshops. The fun, interactive style of each class will deepen the experience to strengthen the effect your conference participants seek.

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Culture Series Plus Add Ons

  • Leadership Workshop
  • Youth Workshop
  • Culture Cards
  • Empowered

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Additional Products can be purchased
with the Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond package:

Leadership Workshop

Is your conference considering a leadership summit? If so, let us LiFT you to the top with our culture training, tailored specifically to leaders.

Youth Workshop

Don’t forget to check out our speaking services for youth.
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Culture Cards

It takes 21 days to form a habit, right? Use LiFT’s Culture Cards to encourage long-term, habit-building application of the principles. Each card in the set focuses individuals on a single, specific action tied to one of the four Culture Principles, encouraging its application for 21 days, thus creating a habit and transforming family culture one person at a time.

Empowered: A Teacher Tale of Classroom Culture Creation

Though specifically written for educators, this novel for leaders, a university-required text, is still a great fit for parents.
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Recent Event Testimonials

  • Best training of the day! We need LiFT to train at our school!

    UEA Conference Workshop; Sandy, Utah

  • Hands down, best keynote ever! – Rating: 9.9/10

    Early Childhood Collaboration Conference Keynote and Workshops; St. George, Utah

  • I could listen to you all day!

    Dixie High School Summary Session; St. George, Utah

  • His enthusiasm was inspiring and the content so needed and applicable.

    Preston School District Culture Series; Preston, Idaho

  • What an engaging speaker! The time flew by!

    Salt Lake Arts Academy Summary Session; SLC, Utah

  • Very motivating! I never lost interest. – Rating: 9.9/10

    Ensign Learning Center Summary Session; SLC, Utah

  • Now I think I can teach for another ten years! – Rating: 9.6/10

    Utah FACS Summer Conference Workshops; Saratoga Springs, Utah

  • I came out feeling like I can now do amazing in my class. – Rating: 9.8/10

    Busy Bees Playhouse Summary Session; Roy, Utah

  • You are freaking impressive!

    ACT Conference Workshops; SLC, Utah

  • Best session all day! Should have been our keynote! – Rating: 10/10

    UMLA Conference Workshops; Saratoga Springs, Utah

  • Perfect fit for early childhood educators.

    UAEYC Conference Workshop; Ogden, Utah

  • I feel like what was formerly Mt. Everest is really just a hill to overcome. Thank you!

    USU Student Teacher Workshop; Logan, Utah

  • Your varied experience as an educator and admin allow us to feel that you truly know and have empathy in our situation.

    Beehive Academy Summary Session; Sandy, Utah

  • His passion is infectious and his plan simple to understand and apply. – Rating: 9.8/10

    Ascent Academy Summary Session; West Jordan, Utah

  • The most engaging and relevant training I’ve been to. Nathan actually models the strategies he teaches, which is so refreshing (and rare). He is dynamic and kind, and his ideas are easy and practical to implement.

    Mountainville Academy Summary Session; Alpine, Utah

  • It was an engaging presentation and a good reminder of best teaching practices. I look forward to reading the book.

    Monticello Academy Summary Session; West Valley City, Utah

  • Nathan is amazing! Love his enthusiasm. I wish the education society would look at Nathan and look at his philosophy and change their ways!

    UAPCS Conference Workshops; Layton, Utah

  • Perfect training for leaders. My only regret is not having my entire staff with me!

    UAPCS Leadership Workshops; Logan, Lehi, St. George, Utah