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LiFT your organization's culture of success through implementation of universal principles learned in our empowering trainings.

Our Team

Nathan is a passionate speaker, educator, author, and leader. After many years as a school teacher, administrator, university professor, and business owner, Nathan’s broad experience now combines to serve you as president and senior consultant of LiFT Consulting Group. Known as the region’s “go-to” speaker on building organizational cultures of success, Nathan is highly requested…
As a dedicated and energetic LiFT consultant and speaker, Rory is known for her ability in helping families, educators, and other leaders create a culture of warmth, high expectations, goal-setting, and belonging. With ample experience in both elementary and secondary education, and as a former business owner, she understands and courageously teaches the power of…
After over ten years serving in government, consulting, and higher education – including serving in four Governors’ Administrations in three states – Dirk enjoys serving America’s teachers and empowering students as a LiFT Consultant. Throughout his career he has always gained the greatest satisfaction from training and helping others to maximize their potential. He especially…


  • Hands down, the best keynote ever!

  • Extremely motivational and beneficial for our staff.

  • The most engaging and relevant training I’ve been to.

  • I loved it! Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what he’d say next!

  • A career changing training!

  • This is the catalyst for changing the culture of our school.

  • How amazing! Love the enthusiasm! I wish society would look at their philosophy and change their ways!

  • He lives what he preaches. All parents need to hear him!

  • Awesome presenter! I could do the whole conference in his sessions!

  • He was incredible!